For the journey to a smarter world 

Many of the decisions we make today are led by data.
This is especially true for those shaping the future of transport infrastructure.


Gaist are an award-winning, independent professional service consultancy who can rapidly transform your understanding of your critical assets.

We support you with valuable and robust long term investment plans that recognise the finances needed to get to the goal of
sustainable systems


Whilst virtual connectivity has become increasingly important, a robust transport network remains absolutely critical.  It is widely recognised that a country’s economic  development is significantly influenced by the quality of its road network.
Gaist has technology on the ground today that is creating a more resilient road transport infrastructure and we are advising government ministers and their departments on how to protect vulnerable communities. 


Gaist has real world experience of enabling major cities to start on their journey towards creating the infrastructure needed to deliver their smart city vision.


Gaist is able to help you rapidly take stock of the true condition of your current highways infrastructure and support you with planning your strategy to develop smarter system


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our clients with the right information to enable them to provide the transport systems we need today without compromising future generation. 



Manchester is growing rapidly and laying down the foundations for a coming evolution in transport systems.


Working with Gaist has changed the way we see things and given us the ability to make the best case for funding to deliver cost effective maintenance in the right place at the right time, saving money, whilst optimising performance.

Tony King
Network Manager
Manchester City Council




A transport network is an extremely complex system made up of  thousands of interdependent assets.

Maintaining existing highways has to be balanced with the building of new ones needed to keep our towns and cities moving. It is therefore vital that any government or infrastructure operator understands the immediate and long term investment required to keep the highways network running efficiently and able to cope with rapidly increasing demand.


Gaist provides the technology and expertise that is truly transforming how our clients manage their highways.
Our clients are making massive long term savings and accessing the investment funding they need
to ensure they have transport infrastructure that meets the needs of the next generation.


Our Address

Unit 707 To 717, 7th FloorBlock B4, Tower B2, Spaze ITech ParkSohna Expressway, Sector 47, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

+91 124 419 2645

We share your vision of smart – connected cities that empower citizens
and create opportunity in an equitable and sustainable way. Gaist has developed the systems to fully understand the present condition of your assets, along with their long term potential performance and costs.

We have transformed highways networks and are underpinning future investment plans with robust data and financial models.

Gaist provides insight and clarity to help you manage your network today and plan for the next generation.

We do that through the application of smart vision technology, deep learning systems, data analytics, sensors and modelling systems etc.
We have the expertise, experience and trust of our customers from government minsters to engineers on the ground.
Coupled with passion for exploiting the real value that can be gained from the exciting new  capability that technology offers us.